Manitou Opera House Bookings & Rentals

Bookings & Rentals

To book the Opera House - please fill out the Online Booking form further down this page.


Some upcoming events:

2016 Summer Production - "Robin Hood: Dark of the Woods"

  • July 22, 7:30 PM
  • July 23, 7:30 PM
  • July 24, 2:30 PM
  • July 29, 7:30 PM
  • July 30, 7:30 PM
  • July 31, 2:30 PM



Coffee House Schedule for 2015/2016

7:30 PM Start Time each evening

  • October 19 - Coffee House
  • November 13 - Coffee House
  • November 26 - Coffee House
  • January 14 - Coffee House
  • January 28 - Coffee House
  • February 11 - Coffee House
  • February 25 - Coffee House
  • March 11 - Coffee House
  • March 25 - Coffee House

Winter/Spring Theatre/Events 2016-17

  • XPLOR DRAMA FALL SHOW- Candlewick Sr. High Xplor Drama -- October 21-22
  • DANCEWORKS Dance Recital -- Dec 7
  • VALENTINES DINNER THEATRE -- Candlewick Players -- February 17-19
  • SPRING HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL - Candlewick & Prairie Spirit School Division -- March16-19
  • SPRING CHILDREN'S THEATRE - Candlewick & DanceWorks Spring Children's Recital --- April 6&7.

2017 Spring Festival Season

  • Piano Festival --- April 11 & 12
  • Speech Arts --- April 18
  • Band Festival --- April 20
  • Vocal Festival --- April 25-26
  • Highlights Concert --- April 30

Online Booking

Please note that upon submission of your request for booking, please wait for an email confirmation of approval. As bookings are taken in on a regular basis - we cannot verify that all bookings are possible. In the chance that a conflict arises, we do ask if you consider an alternate date. We try to ensure that all bookings work however local Stakeholder Events and Performance Events do have priority bookings at the Opera House.

Please note fees (folling form) and read all Renter's Responsibilities when making a booking.

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Rental Information


The Opera House will seat 110-120 persons for a sit-down dinner/dessert event/banquet.

For a concert event, the facility recommends seating at 325 for comfortable seating, though additional seating can exceed this amount

Liquor on the Premises

Users are responsible to apply to the appropriate authority for liquor permits.

Due to the large number of children and youth attending events and classes at the Opera House, users are asked not to store liquor intended for consumption at Opera House events in the building.

Rental Expectations

Rental Fees

Stakeholder groups pay yearly fees for their usage of the Opera House to help with facility and janitorial costs. However for events and bookings, individuals and groups need to consider the following rental arrangements. The rental rates for the facility are based on the expectation that the following renter's responsibilities.

  • Meeting Room: $50 / block of time (morning/afternoon/evening)
  • Kinsmen Rehearsal Room: $50/block of time
  • Auditorium Daily Rental: $200 / day
  • Sound and Theatre Lighting is SEPARATE rental but can be arranged starting at a base rate of $175. Final cost is based on performance requirements.
  • Multiple Day Rental: is arranged upon booking and is based on number of days and facility requirements.

Please note: preparation days before an event would still be considered additional days to rent the facility.

Renter’s Responsibilities

Please download the following form and email to Richard at: .

  • Booking Form
  • When the Manitou Opera House is being rented by an individual or organization, the Opera House Management Committee asks that the renter consider the following:

    Before the event:

    • As the Opera House supports the creative rights of Artists, we require that all producers, promoters, and groups apply for the required licensing of any theatrical or music event. This also includes licensing of music played (live or otherwise) at any gathering. For more information on SOCAN Tariffs, Royalty Fees, etc., you can make further inquiry in your rental arrangement.
    • Shovel and/or sweep the entrance ways (when necessary)
    • Any required setup as per the needs of your occassion/event is up to the renter. If there are requirements from the facility - please let us know in advance if at all possible. We can not guarantee last minute requests.
    • Note - theatrical lighting and sound equipment are not included in the rental. These need to be arranged separately (see following).

    After the event:

    • Stack the chairs against the side walls.
    • Wipe and stack tables in the ticket office – face to face, two tables in each slot.
    • Sweep and wash the floor and stage area and other areas used during the rental.
    • Remove all garbage from bathrooms and auditorium; place in garbage bags.
    • Remove garbage from facility and place in community dumpsters on the south-east end of the town on Manitou.
    • Re-line garbage containers with clean bags (found in the kitchen area).
    • Vaccuum all carpeted rooms/areas.
    • Replace toilet tissue and paper towels in the bathrooms, leaving two extra rolls of toilet paper on the toilet tanks
    • Ensure all lights are turned off (including washroom lights) and all Entrance/Exits are locked.


    Cleaning supplies are found in the kitchen and in the furnace room. If supplies run out, please contact 242 2794. Toilet supplies are in the closet in the ladies’ washroom).

    The Opera House Committee reserves the right to assign additional cleaning/repair costs if warranted. As the Opera House is run by volunteers, we ask your cooperation in keeping it clean. We appreciate your help. Thank you.

    Technical Information

    Youth Theatre on Opera House Stage

    The Manitou Opera House has a vaulted ceiling, hardwood flooring, and plaster walls. Acoustics are excellent for recording.

    The main auditorium measures 38 feet by 67 feet.

    The stage floor from measures 16' from the front of the stage to the back curtains and is 21' wide (from proscenium to proscenium). There is an additional 7' on stage right and 5' on stage left. The stage is 30 inches higher than the main auditorium floor.

    The back stage space behind the stage curtain is 16' deep by 34" wide and is separated from the stage by a moveable curtain. Note the wall opening from the backstage to onstage is 24" wide.

    The proscenium stage opening is 21 feet wide and 14 feet from stage floor to top of arch


    Theatre lighting is available for concert/theatrical settings based on a separate rental. For large events, a more formal arrangement is required.

    For specific information please contact Richard J. Klassen at 204 825 8406 or e-mail him at .


    The Manitou Opera House was built to enhance acoustic performance and, as such, sound quality in the venue is excellent. Musical groups which use a sound system usually find that microphone and monitor are used only to enhance the group's sound.

    As each setting is different and sound needs range greatly, sound equipment is not provided by the facility, however there are opportunities for sound rentals from local technicians.

    For specific information, options for sound include: Bill Howatt at 204 242 2531 or Richard J. Klassen as per above - 204 825 8406.